Simulate a Drop, Motion Path, Drag and Drop, Motion Path end in Drop Target

Jan 06, 2022

I have a Drag Item moving along a Motion Path.  The end of the Motion Path is inside of the Drop Target. 

If I drag and drop the item on the Drop Target, it behaves as expected, the item snaps to the upper left of the Drop Target. 

When the Motion Path moves the item to the Drop Target, the item does not snap to the upper left of the Drop Target, it simply stays at the end of the Motion Path.

Obviously the ending of the motion path inside the Drop Target is not the same thing as mouse-up in the Drop Target having done mouse-down and drag.

What I want to do is: have a Motion Path "drag and drop" the item on the Drop Target so that the Drop Target functionality snaps the item to the upper left corner--as if the user had dropped the item on the Drop Target.

(I need this so that items will appear, nicely stacked, in the Drop Target, in the order the user caused the motion paths to happen.)

Anyone know how to make this happen? 


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Walt Hamilton

As you said, you cannot take advantage of the drop target's functionality unless your learner actually clicks and drags the item.

If you absolutely must have the functionality you describe, it can be done, if you have the ability and willingness to invest adequate resources.

What it requires is to place each drop item in a possible ending position on the drop target. When it is there, add a motion path to it (I prefer a line), and set its length to 0. When the first motion path ends, move the item on the second path. That will cause it instantly to jump to that position on the screen. Then all you have to do is create a similar path that moves it to every possible place you want it to end, and create the same paths for all the other items. Add a variable to keep track of how many items have been chosen, and use that for the condition of triggers that move (for example,) Item 1 on Path 4 if variable WhichMove = 3 (This is the third item moved).

Not complicated, but a lot of work.

06 Articulate

Thanks Walt.  That is about as complicated as a very different solution we are currently using and therefore won't redo this way.  But thanks for the suggestion!  Anyone else that knows of a way to have Storyline actually do the moving for me after the motion path moves it to the drop target--as if the user had dropped it there--please respond!