Having a small problem with hiding layers

May 02, 2016


The attached interaction is pretty straightforward.  Vocabulary words in the left column; when you mouse-press each vocab word, a different layer opens up with information.  I checked that "hide other layers" checkbox on each layer and I even added triggers to hide all the other layers when you click on a particular layer.  

When I Preview the project, it looks fine.  However, when I publish it, all the layers start jumping on top of each other.  

I can't figure it out.  I'd appreciate any help. 



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Michael Hinze

Have a look ath the attached and see if that's what you wanted. I removed all the duplicate buttons on the various layers and only left the buttons on the baselayer. I also added Selected (yellow) states to each of the buttons on the baselayer and grouped them into a button set. This to me, is a much simpler, cleaner setup.

Amit Goel

Wendy, Thank you kindly for checking.  I appreciate your time.  My link is not working correctly in either IE or Chrome.  This is the link I set up:  http://extmedia.kaplan.edu/legal/media/EM410/EM410_1603B/Vocabulary/Unit7/story.html

Michael, Thank you very much for your help.  Your set up is much cleaner than mine and it is working correctly.  I don't follow how the triggers are working on different layers, though.  I thought each trigger needs to be on the layer itself for it to actually work.  But your layers are clean.  I'll have a look again in the morning with a fresh mind.  

Thank you both so much for your help.  I have tried this several different ways and I don't get why mine isn't working.  but once I sort out how Michael did his layer set-up, I'll just use that going forward. 

Amit Goel

Hi Wendy, 

Yes,  It's working now because I replaced the same link last night with Michael's better one.  I also see now how he set his up.  It's much simpler and makes more sense.  I'll just use his set up from now on.  

Still not sure why mine didn't work, but I appreciate your help and follow up email.  

Do have a pleasant day



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