Looping back to base layer


Hello all,


Is there any way to setup different slide layers and have them loop them back to the base layer in Storyline 2?   I have setup 8 or 9 different buttons, so that when you click on the button it will show a layer with plain text, then when you click the txt I want it to go back to the base layer.  I am also having issues with hiding all of the other content.  I have selected hide “other slide layers” and “hide objects on base layer”, but when I preview it- it shows everything.  Thank you for any suggestions.





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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Mike, if you want the layer to go back to the base layer when the user clicks text on the layer add a trigger on the layer that says to hide this layer when the user clicks the text.

As for the issue of the content on the base showing - if you take a look at the timeline on each layer you will notice Base Layer at the bottom - when you expand this you will see all of the objects that are on the base. Click the eye to hide them.  You will have to do this for each layer. 

Nancy Woinoski

Hmm - it should work. Without seeing the file it will be hard to figure out the issue but maybe you could cheat and put a solid shape on each layer that covers the entire layer - make the shape the same colour as your background and send it to back. This should cover up any pesky images that are showing up from the base.