Having problem with "Previous" button

Hi all,

In this module attached i'm having a problem with "Previous" button on the slide 2.2

At the Slide (2.2 Introduction-2),
I would like the "Previous" button to take user to (1.2 Start-2), but instead it goes to (2.1 Introduction-1)

Can anybody please tell me what's the problem here??!?

Many thanks

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Ali Goulet

Hey Arash!

Thanks so much for sharing your file with me.

You're on the right track here, great job! All you have to do is change the revisit setting on slide 1.2 to "Reset slide to initial state" as shown here:


Since the slide was picking off where it was previously left, it was automatically jumping to the 2.1 slide from your slide layer. Once I made that change to the settings, the slide restarts and you can click your custom next button on the slide to advance it.

I've also attached the file I made the edit to here.

Hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have any more questions or run into anymore hiccups ☺️