Trigger issue - Jump to slide previous slide (Storyline 360)

Dec 10, 2019

Hi there,

My understanding is that this trigger will jump to the previous slide of the current slide (eg, slide 2.1 is the previous slide of slide 2.2), however, my experience is that this trigger will jump to a previously visited slide (which means, if you have a trigger to jump to slide 2.8 on slide 2.2, and then come jump back to slide 2.2, and at this moment, you click on a button with this trigger, it will navigate to slide 2.8, instead of slide 2.1).

Is this what it is supposed to do? I am very confused.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ken,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. Let's see if we can clear up that confusion.

The Prev button acts similar to a browser Back button. So, you are correct. If you jump around in navigation, the Prev button will return you to the last visited slide and not the previous numeric slide.

If you'd rather have a numeric order, you can manually set the triggers to jump to a specific slide. For your example, Slide 2.2 would have triggers for the Prev button to jump to Slide 2.1 and the Next button to jump to slide 2.3.

The ability to control the logic of the Prev button is a feature request that we are tracking and I've added this conversation to the report so that we can share any updates with you in the future.

Ken Liu

Thank you Leslie for clearing up my confusion, but could I say that it is very unfortunate to see this feature design. I have no idea why this was designed in this way, since it simply makes less sense to allow branching and in the meantime break the continuity of the main navigation.

Could I make a feature request to change that, or do you have a compelling reason why it was designed this way?

Sorry to be a pain, but this feature really removes the flexibility to move slides around without re-triggering.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ken,

No worries. The design reason is due to the way this is handled within webpages and the 'Back' button takes you back to where you were vs to a slide that you may not have seen yet due to branching.

As I mentioned above, I have added this conversation to a previous feature request for more control of this behavior.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful.

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