Having storyline course on website


We're planning on putting a storyline course on our website on a page that only people who have paid can see. We need to roll it out pretty soon and we're expecting take up to be big in the beginning (possibly 200+ people all doing it at the same time). Is there anything we need to be aware of to make sure everything runs smoothly? 

Thank you for any advice you can give.


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Rachel Service

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your advice. Our website can definitely handle that amount of people. But most of our pages out just text, is there a difference if there's a storyline course on the page? Or if the website is fine with that many people normally will it be okay?

Sorry, we're a small company with a big website so we sometimes lack the technical knowledge needed.


Phil Mayor

I would load test your site. It is difficult to say without knowing how you are loading the course or  if you will be tracking, if you use a paywall does your website then validate if the user has permission to view each file or just the link? 

The storyline course will behave slightly differently as they will preload content 3 slides ahead and then whatever it can load which with 200 concurrent users might put additional strain. 

Without knowing how you plan to deliver it on the website and what the stats of the server are then I wouldn't like to guess, you sound confident it can cope though.