Having Trouble Dropping an Object Into a Scrolling Panel

Mar 23, 2015

I have a presentation with a few scrolling panels, and up until about a week ago, I had no problems adding new objects into my scrolling panels. Lately, however, I can't get anything to stick in the panel. I am trying to add a new image to the panel by dragging the object with my cursor over the panel and letting go. When I then try to scroll, the object is just in front of the panel not in it.


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Matthew Dollinger

I know this is an old topic, but I just ran into a possible solution.

If you are working with nested grouped objects (group within a group), it doesn't work correctly. After un-grouping everything, then making into a single group, drag/drop worked fine.

I've used this method twice now and it has worked great.

Wendy Schorr

I appreciate the tip, Walt, but I am positive my cursor was well within the panel before dropping the object. There must have been something wrong with just the one panel because I have since moved on to other slides with new scrolling panels in them and they behave as expected. Just yet another bug in StoryLine, I suppose.