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Ant Pugh

So I checked the computer on which I was having the issue,  thought the issue maybe that there wasn't enough space to store the published file - but this is not the case (I had 355GB free!!)

So would still be really keen to get another opinion. Would it make any difference that I'm using a trial version of Articulate Storyline 2 on the machine that encountered the issue?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ant,

The trial version is a full version of the software, so that shouldn't impact it. As Wendy mentioned you'll want to check into all the elements here in terms of system requirements and since you already did the repair it's also worth confirming that you're following these guidelines for working with project files. 

Ant Pugh
Wendy Farmer

Hi Ant

i know you said you checked HD space but what about the other specs SL needs.  Is there a difference in the two computers you are running it on?

There are different specs, but both are relatively new, high specced PC's - so there's no reason for one of these to not function. I will record a video to show you all the issue.