Having trouble publishing Articulate Storyline Course

Mar 11, 2018

Hello. I have created a storyline course but I continue to get an error message when I try to publish the course. This was not happening previously but now I have tried to publish a few times and I get the same error. Please help. I just want to publish on the web so I can preview the course before publishing in the LMS. 


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mumtaz

It's hard to say what is happening without seeing your file.

  • Are you publishing to your local drive?
  • Have you tried creating a new file and importing your file in? If you are still getting an error, try importing a few slides in at a time and publishing to check if you have a corrupt slide/s in the file.

Can you share it and someone can try and publish for you or log a ticket with Articulate Support.

Mumtaz Badshah Brown

Thank you, Wendy. I am attaching the file here.

Right now I am just publishing to my desktop so I can preview. Ultimately, I want to publish to our LMS.

The course is actually a series of surveys. The surveys were created in Quizmaker and then I imported them and adding a bunch of branching. I am attaching the file so you can get an idea.

Thanks for your quick response.




Wendy Farmer

Hi Mumtaz

looks like you've replied via email and unfortunately the files won't attach to the post. You need to click 'view' in the email not 'reply' and come in and use the grey 'add attachment' button at the bottom of the post to upload your file.

Also, your email signature is displayed so you may want to edit and remove that if you don't want your details public.

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