Having trouble with drag and drop

Jul 18, 2012

Hi there

I'm attempting to create a drag and drop exercise with the drop target being pie shaped pieces in a circle. This means that the targets overlap each other.

What I tried doing instead was creating blank boxes inside each pie piece and using that as the target. However when using snap to centre, my drag items do not snap to the target, no matter how many times I try. When I put borders on my blank boxes it worked fine but it doesn't look great.

I'm not sure how to get around this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks.

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Shelley McKay

Thanks for all the responses.

Phil I've tried both ways and it's really odd. For some reason when I do no fill and no border, the snap to centre functionality doesn't seem to work and when I drag my item it doesn't recognise where the target is (which means it's not in the exact place) and it says that my answers are incorrect even though they aren't. Weird!

Annie, it works your way for sure but when I preview it, the shape still has a funny 2 sided outline even though there are no borders (like this steps 1 and 2 (the others have got the borders)...unless this is just Storyline and when it's published it looks OK...haven't got that far yet...)

Thanks everyone.

Shelley McKay

Hi Phil

Here is the project (attached) - there are 2 slides, one I did using hyperlinks (which works but you don't get the snap functionality which I quite like).

The second slide is the one I'm having issues with:

pie 1 and 2 are transparent fill and transparent border which snap but look funny in preview.

pie 3 and 4 have no fill and no border - the snap functionality doesn't work at all on this and if you don't place it exactly on the shape your answer is incorrect...but you can't see where the shape is.

pie 5 is using a border and no fill, but doesn't look very nice.

Here are the correct answers so that you can play around:

1 - Identify the hazards

2 - Who can be harmed and how?

3 - Identify the barriers and controls

4 - Establish the level of risk

5 - Report/communicate/act

Thanks so much. Am very interested to find out what I'm doing wrong.

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