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I have a slide that includes 10 T/F questions. The first question is on the base layer. Question 2, 3, 4, …. to 10 are separately put in  9 different layers. There are other layers including feedback for right answers and wrong answers.


Since I want users to finish all the 10 questions before clicking on Next button on the navigation controls. So I created another layer called “Warning”, once they click the Next, The warning message will show. My intent is when user click on go back on the warning message, a layer with the question that the user has previously worked on will show again. Therefore, the user can continue to finish  the rest of the questions.

However, right now, it will only take user to the first question.

What should I do? I attached the file here.


Thank you!



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Antony Snow

Hi Zhenyu,

Is there a particular reason why you have used layers for each question and their correct and incorrect feedback here? Personally, I would have created an individual quiz slide per question, added them to the same question bank and then inserted a draw from question bank slide.

If your approach is by design, rather than having a 'warning' layer, would it not be simpler to add some instruction text before these questions to advise the user that they have to answer all 10 before they can move on and then switch off the 'prev' and 'next' buttons for all layers (except the correct and incorrect layers for question 10) via the properties - the cog icon on the right of each layer within the 'Slide Layers' panel?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Antony and Zhenyu! :)

I do agree with Antony, but also wanted to mention that you can remove an option from your current project that will keep the users on the same layer when they see the "Warning" message.

For the warning layer, click on the cogwheel to open the "Player Properties". Disable the option for "Hide other slide layers" - this is the option that's closing the other layers. 

I've tested this out in the file you attached. The question layers that were opened previously now remain open when the "Warning" layer shows and is closed, so the users should be able to return to where they left off, rather than the first question.

Good luck with the project! :)


Zhenyu He

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Iagree with you. I understand about creating an individual quiz slide perquestion, it certainly makes it easier. The instructional designer wanted tohave all the questions on one slide. That’s how I came up with this.

IfI want to switch off the “prev” and “next” button only on the layer forquestion 10, what menus should I select to do that?





Antony Snow

Hi Zhenyu,

Apologies for the confusion but it has been a long day - the 'next' and 'previous' buttons can only be switched on or off at slide level (i.e. from the base layer) and NOT at layer level as I previously suggested.

If your ID wants to have all of the questions on the same slide but you prefer to create individual slides per question to make the development easier and quicker, you can create the illusion that they are on the same slide in a couple of ways:

  • If you are using page numbers on your slides, you can number each question slide the same so they appear to all be on page x of x


  • If you are using the menu in the player, you can delete the individual question slides from view

Does this help?