Help activating layers based on a vriable carried forward

I want to use one slide to ask a question, with 3 possible answers. Whichever answer is active when they move to the next slide sets several variables. This is working fine.

On slide 2, I want to use layers to give feedback based on the answer they have chosen. This is not working. I can set up the layers, but I can't find how to set the triggers so that the right layer for say answer B comes up when I move slides.

Help will be very gratefully received!

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Kelly Nester

Hi, I'm having a similar issue but with mine, only the correct answer (pricing tool) shows a feedback layer, the incorrect answer (standard pricing grid) doesn't. When I click Submit the second time, after selecting the incorrect answer, it takes me to the next question. The other questions in the scenario assessment don't have this issue, just choice 1. I can't figure out what is different between choice 1 and the others. Help?

Garth Yorko

Something strange is going on with that slide.  Not sure why, but when all else fails, duplicate a working slide and update the content to reflect the non-working slide.

It seemed to work for me and will save your hours of troubleshooting.

See the attached file, I moved the non-working slide to the end then duplicated the following question and edited the content.  It seems to work fine now.