Help - Best way to jump from Knowledge check back to main menu

I am building a Storyline 360 module and need some help.  It is designed with a main menu that branches to sub-menus.  Each sub-menu ends with a practice Knowledge Check to ensure learners are "tracking along". 

The questions are part of the learning and aren't tracked, so there is no results page shown as to not confuse anyone.

My challenge is that at the conclusion of the final question, I want the user to be taken back to the sub-menu.  However, the question displays the answer response (correct, incorrect) and then I am not sure how to get it to jump back.  The "jump at the end of the timeline" trigger apparently does it too soon. 

Is there another way to direct control back to a sub-menu slide after a question slide that isn't using a results slide?




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Jeffrey W. Har

Hi Lance,

What you can do is have another page after the questions along the lines of "You have reached the end of the "XYZ" section, CLICK 'next' to go back to the Sub-Menu" and point the next button back to the sub-menu.

Otherwise change the triggers on the CORRECT/INCORRECT "CONTINUE" buttons to point to the sub-menu.

Hope I have read your question correctly and helps to solve your problem.