One of two Results Slides not calculating at all

Dec 16, 2021

Hello!  I am working on a course that has two results slides.  The main one is meant to calculate Knowledge Checks throughout the course, the secondary one is part of a Retry Scene that the client requested (they want the learner to retry all the Knowledge Checks instead of just the incorrect ones).  Since creating the Retry Scene with the secondary Results Slide, the main Results slide is no longer calculating the points.  Even if every question is answered correctly the Result comes out to zero.  The secondary Results Slide is working correctly.  All of the questions for the main Results Slide are selected, the triggers are correct, the properties of the Knowledge Check indicate the correct Results Slide.  Help!

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Judy Nollet

It's hard to troubleshoot without seeing the file.

Best guess: Did you duplicate the Results slide?  That's a no-no. It doesn't work to duplicate or import Results slides. You've got to create a new Results slide each time you need one, so Storyline can create the appropriate built-in variables. 

The other thing to check is the Quiz Settings to ensure that each Results slide is looking at the appropriate set of questions to score.

Stephanie Diggins

I can't remember if I duplicated the Results slides or not, but I deleted both and created a new main and new secondary Results slide and that seems to have worked!  Thanks for your help, I'm glad it was a simple fix and a little annoyed with myself that I didn't try that before posting to the community.  It's the equivalent of unplugging then plugging it back in haha.