Scores reset when re-entering the course

Oct 02, 2015

I'm using Storyline2 to build out a course that is made of three sections. The quizzes from each section are associated with their own results slide. Each of these three results slides are at the end of the course and not visible to the user.

At the end of the course - I have a custom results slide that is the slide being tracked for completing to the LMS. This slide is calculating a total based on "Selected Results Slides". I have checked off to include the other 3 results slides and everything is calculating correctly. On this custom results page, I have the variables reporting from the other three results slides - so the learner can see the results from all three quizzes on the one page. I have also included the functionality to retake each of the three quizzes to allow the user to get 100% if they want to.

The whole thing is working great - UNTIL... The user clicks to exit the course and they come back to it by re-launching through their LMS.  If they click resume course, it takes them back to the last slide - the slide with all the results and the buttons to retry each section. IF the learner chooses to retake any of the quizzes - once they return to this results slide, the scores for the other two quizzes now show as Zero. In order to get 100% now - the user needs to go back and complete the other two quizzes AGAIN.

We have gone through every possibility to try and figure out why the quiz results for the other quizzes are resetting to zero ONLY on the second run through of the course.

If anyone has insight into why this could be happening - there's a steak dinner in it for you :)


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bill,

What triggers are on that final results slide in terms of "resetting" or "restarting" the course? It may be best if we can take a look at it to see how it's set up and you can share the .story file here with us. Also, to confirm when you revisit that results slide before the 2nd attempt through you can see all the scores? Are you using triggers to show the results on that slide or just variable references? 

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