Table of Contents item jumping to wrong slide

I created a module with 6 lessons, each lesson having a knowledge check at the end, and then one summary Knowledge Check screen at the very end of the course, which tallies and displays 'results of results'. The final Knowledge Check Results page is included in the Table of Contents, as the last item. Problem is, when I click the item in the TOC, it randomly goes to other slides. If I click it multiple times, it seems to be sequentially moving through the course slides. So if I exit the course and want to come back and jump to the knowledge check results page, the only way to reliably get to it is to take Knowledge Check #6 and click Next,  which then takes me to the Knowledge Check Results screen. This makes a lot more sense if you see the screenshot. 

Any ideas what's going on here? There is a slide trigger on the KC Results slide that says Submit results: 8.1 Knowledge check results When the timeline starts. Could this be fouling things up? 

Thanks for considering!

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Doreen Webb

Hi Karen and Alyssa. Were able to fix this problem?

I'm having a similar issue. I have a very simple TOC. For some reason, when I select the 6th item listed in my TOC (Content Review), it steps me through the course sequentially. I'm not having this problem with any other slide. I've double checked my Menu Options. I'm at a loss. Please help.