Help! - Course is supposed to go live Monday morning! LMS Reporting issues on fail!

I have 8 Storyline2 modules to publish by Monday. I have the quizzes set so users can take them a maximum of 4 times. And the "stop" is working.

When I publish them to my LMS (SCORM 1.2) on an LMS developed by Cornerstone this is what happens. The first attempt fail or pass is fine. If the 1st attempt on the quiz is failed, it captures the score and leaves the modules as incomplete, as desired. However, if you take and fail the quiz a second, third and/or fouth time and the module is recorded as completed with a score of 100%.

What have I done wrong? I've tried both pass/fail and pass/incomplete when publishing.

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Becky Barch

I did and I get the results I expected in Scormcloud. When the quiz was failed on two attempts. It did not mark the course complete and give me a 100% score like my LMS does. It captured the last failing score and left the module as incomplete which is what I would expect.  Emailing the vendor for the LMS now.

Thanks again. Have a good weekend.


Becky Barch

Hello Wendy - Thanks again for your help this weekend.

This morning, I got a reply from Articulate Support. They said that a similar issue had recently been reported and they have determined that it is related to the use of Question Banks. Their suggestion was to move my questions out of the Question Banks as a work around. Of course I lost the features that go with a question bank but...

Once I did that, republished and re-uploaded; the modules score and track as expected now. A fail, records as not complete, the highest score is kept even if it isn't the last one taken. And of course, if the module is passed the score and completion are correctly tracked.