Help! Figures not showing up the same in Preview mode as they do in Edit mode

Apr 27, 2017

So, my coworker and I have been creating 'people' using shapes.  I have attached a file to show how the person was created and what it looks like in edit and preview modes.  The image on the left is shown with all the different shapes combined.  The person in the middle is what he looks like in edit mode.  The person on the right is what he looks like when we preview him. 

Any idea why they get jacked up when going into preview mode?  This is actually not the worst case we have had, but we have edited some to fix them.  When we edit, we have to fix them in edit mode to a point where they look very 'funky', until they look right in preview mode, which, as you would assume, takes a bunch of time. 

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jeremy,

So sorry this is giving you headaches. We do have an issue on our radar for Storyline where shapes are not aligned in Preview mode, which matches what you shared in your screenshot. I'd like to add your experience to the report--what version of Storyline are you using?

In the mean time, try grouping the shapes, then right-click the group and select Save as Picture. Save the picture to your local hard drive, then import the picture back into Storyline. That should keep the shapes from getting wonky in Preview. 🙂

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