Help for: CC on pop-ups all display at once unless user has CC "on" before entering page/slide

Aug 25, 2021


For closed captions (CC) , we've found that if the learner/user does not learner click the CC button that we've coded (to display cc) before moving to the page/slide, the CCs for not only the base layer, but also for the pop-up layers will display all at the same time (or more than one will display, overlapping the base cc).

(We saw a slightly similar post here, but more complex involving video, but that post did not present a solution.)

Via testing, it's seems that the CC will perform correctly as coded if the user/learner has already turned the CC "on" before entering the page/slide.

Is this possibly a bug or requirement for pop-up layers to function normally? (That the user must have CC "on" before moving to the page/slide)


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Diane!

That doesn't sound right! We're happy to help find the fix. Can you share your project with us so that we can determine if this is a bug? You can share the .story file publicly in this discussion or privately in a support case. We'll let you know as soon as we receive the file and begin troubleshooting.