Help! Google drive update now makes it impossible to preview

Aug 07, 2014

As I always do, I uploaded the entire course folder to my google drive, make it public access, changed the file name to index, and tried to open it in preview mode to copy the link so my editor can start working on it, and low and behold the google drive has changed completely! Now there are apps available for viewing files - I tried to find a suitable app with no luck. I would be grateful if someone could help me out with this - I have tight deadlines to meet for this project. I am uploading it to dropbox to give that a try for the time being, but I would prefer to use google drive.



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Mike Taylor

Hi Allison! I'm not sure what Google changed in the recent update but you should still be able to preview your course if you copy the folder ID

If you are in the folder grab the end of the URL (in bold for my example here)

Then paste that into this url structure:

or if you didn't rename the story.html to index.html you can use this format:

Its manual and a bit clunky but it should work.

Another option is to paste your folder id into this site and create a more user friendly link to share with people (if you don't rename the story.html file to index.html it will still work you just need to click the story.html file to launch it)

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