My links produced in Google Drive are not working.

I've been successfully using several links that I created in Google Drive and then yesterday, they all just stopped working for the vendors that are trying to view my presentation.  Worked with my company's IT and now with Google to try and figure out what has changed.  Anyone else had this experience?

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Simon Blair

I noticed the same issue, starting yesterday. It impacted all my old files too, as well as files for many other users.

I also have been in touch with Google support (still waiting for an answer). Oddly, today I was able to access 3 out of 4 of my projects, but still nobody else's that I've tried.

I found a workaround that may help in the meantime. You can link to the swf file, instead of the folder or an html file. That's worked for several people.

I'll post an update if/when I get an answer from Google.

Emily Ruby

Hello Lori!

You may want to look into using a different options for file storage until Google Drive is back on track. 

Here are a few free options to consider:

  • Tempshare: This is a free service provided by Articulate for testing Storyline content. Note: Uploaded files will be deleted after 10 days.
  • Amazon S3: Amazon S3 offers free hosting with generous usage limits. If you go over your limit, you'll be charged a graduated fee.
  • Dropbox: Place your published output in the Public folder in your Dropbox account to share it with others.