Help! How do I require a video to be viewed 95% for course to complete

Dec 20, 2016

I have 80 videos that are required viewing for employees. Each course will have one video. Videos range from 4 minutes to 50 minutes. One video per course.  I plan to use a template for all. I have the story files attached in a zip.

  • How do I set it so 95 percent of the video must be viewed before course goes to completed status?  
  • If it has to be 100% viewing, and they walk away from the computer, should I add another screen that says" Click  Complete Button to confirm you watched the entire video" and then make the course requirement 2 screens to complete? Is that a best practice? What type of screen do I choose and what trigger? Is there one already available?

Thank you. Storyline File Template

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lori! 

Are your videos inserted as web objects or as embedded files? If you're loading the video as a web object (like a YouTube video), tracking the time will be difficult.  There's no built-in way for Storyline to track what a video on a website is doing.  However, if you were to embed the video directly into Storyline, then achieving your outcome would be doable.

Hopefully your fellow community members can chime in and recommend best practices based on their own experience with tracking video completion!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lori

If you are using the default player buttons one way of doing it would be to set the following triggers.

Example if the video is 4 minutes long and they have to view 228 seconds

  • Change state of Next button to disabled when timeline starts on xx slide
  • Change state of Next button to normal when timeline reaches 228 seconds.


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