Help! How do you reset a quiz question?

Hello everyone--

I have to set up a quiz where each question has a custom submit button(i.e., not part of the player) that shows a correct/incorrect feedback layer based on the user's response.  If correct. they will click a continue button from the correct feedback layer that directs them to the next question. If incorrect, there's a try again button that hides the feedback layer and resets the question.  Trouble is...I don't know how to set up a trigger that resets the question? When you click Try Again, it hides the layer but the quiz question does not reset--the option selected originally stays selected and you can't choose another option.

 I'm used to using Lectora, which allows you to set up conditions like "If question 1 is not correct, then reset question 1".  I can't seem to figure out how to do that in Storyline?  How can I make this work--I'm desperate!



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Adrian Stokes

I was doing something like this and this is the way I did it:

  • On the incorrect layer I set a button that linked back to the slide
  • I set the slide properties to 'reset to initial state' when the user visits
  • This means then that when they click 'Try Again' they are directed back to the original slide and it will reset to initial state

Hope that helps!!