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Meg Bertapelle

TBH though, I need the help! I've got to get this ready to submit for approval and OFF MY PLATE before the next project crashes down on me LOL

OK - I did a save-as & deleted the unrelated scenes. Tested the question & it still doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated!



(please keep in mind this is still product information & keep it confidential)


Wendy Farmer

Hi Meg

maybe a few more bits of info then so we can try and recreate what is happening

Is it a graded quiz hotspot or freeform quiz hotspot question?

Do you have attempts or its only 1 attempt?

How many hotspots are on the slide?

Are the hotspots overlapping at all?

I have created a graded hotspot slide in SL2 with 1 correct and 1 incorrect hotspot and it is working as I would expect.

Otherwise you could submit a case direct to Articulate Support for help.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Meg

It seems to be where you have the submit button located...I have screenshots do you want me to post there here or not? (I have bastardised your slide - sorry) moved the oval hotspot to left etc...but I moved the Submit button up into the white space and also changed the Submit on click option up in the ribbon.  So when they click on a hotspot it automatically says correct / incorrect so you don't really need the submit button.

Meg Bertapelle

hhmmm - so you made changes to my slide that made it work? I can't change the location of the button - I'd have to change the location for ALL my question slides... and if I have it submit automatically, then they can't change their minds about where to click (not normal setting for all our other programs)... the hotspot is related to the image below it, so I could only move it a little bit & have it still be "correct" -- but you got it to work? I mean if I have to change the design on all of them, then I do... I'd just rather not - there's like 120 slides.

Mike Enders

Hi Meg,

I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I think it has to do with the custom submit button.  For example, if you use the player's submit button, it works fine.  Or, if you go to form view and select Submit when clicked. It also works.   I'm not sure what this issue is...I'll need to study it for a bit.