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Kevin Thorn

Hey Joshua,

Not sure about reseting a Scene as a whole, but you can set each Quiz slide to "Reset to Initial State" in the Slide Properties. 

The quickest way to do this is go to Story View > Select all slides you want to reset > Change the properties in the lower right panel. 

Hope that helps.

Joshua DeLeon

Thanks Guys!

Here's my problem: I let the user (the age range is from 1st through 6th grade) have 5 tries to get the answer right. I had set the slide to "Resume Saved State" so that the user would not have to answer the question all over again. When they hit "Try Again" they could fix their mistake easily. When the slide was set to "Rest Initial State", it reset the slide when they clicked try again, buy  they didn't know what their mistake was because the slide was reset.

On the result slide there is a Try Again button which lets them take the quiz over if they so choose.

My question is, Is it possible to have all of the quiz slides reset themselves when the user clicks the try again button on the result slide? Maybe using triggers?

If there is not an easy way, I will just have to reset each slide when revisited.

I hope this is not to confusing. Thank again for the help!


Kevin Thorn

Hey Joshua,

When you click "Try Again" does that allow you to retake the quiz?

You can custom build the way it behaves with a set of variables and triggers. The idea would be to evaluate each question as correct or incorrect. Then upon "Try Again" only show those questions that are incorrect.