Jump To Previous Scene Button Not Responding

Mar 01, 2015

Hi there,

I have a couple custom buttons built on my master slide. Each goes to a different scene and each of these scenes just consists of one slide. On each Scene is a button that when clicked has a trigger to Jump to Previous Scene.

When running my course and I click on one of the custom buttons, it goes to the Scene and I can click the button to return back to the Scene I was previously viewing. However, if I then click on the other button to go to the second scene, it jumps to the Scene but clicking on the button to go back doesn't do anything. I can't return back to the previous Scene even though it has the same return to previous scene Trigger. The reverse is the same - if click on the second button will go to the Scene and can go back to previous, but if click on the first button to go to the other scene, the back button doesn't work. Any idea what I'm missing here?

As a test, instead of making new Scenes, I made these Scene slides appear at the end of my Chapter and making the Back buttons return to previous slide instead of previous scene - and it works perfectly. I can do this, but I have many Chapters and at anytime throughout the course, I want users to be able to go to these Scenes and return back to whatever Scene they are currently on.

ALSO, I did try having links within the Resource tab area of the Player to jump to different Scenes, however upon testing if you click on one link to go to a Scene and then immediately click on another link to go to a different scene, this seems to break things and you can never get back to the course slide you were previously viewing.

Hope all of this makes sense. Thanks!


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Bryce Gilbert

Thanks. I'll try and get .story file to you. Quick question: If user is half way through timeline on a slide and clicks button to jump to another slide and then clicks button to return back, it doesn't resume where they left off. It starts from the beginning of the slide's timeline again.

If user goes to new scene and then returns to previous scene, can they resume where they left off on that slide, or need to start from beginning of slide as well? I haven't had a chance to test this yet.


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