Help needed to create a clear video tutorial

Jul 11, 2017


I have created a course (first one) in Articulate Storyline 360 and have many full screen videos included as part of the course. But these are soooo blurry.

However stupidly i did not reset the story size to be the same resolution as my videos ( rookie error!!)

So elearning experts - I know have two choices :

1.Resize the story - sadly this is n0t an option as all my templates and other slides go completely off size 

2. Redo the videos and use the web object function

Can anyone suggest best way to upload this videos to a central area so that I can use the URLs for each video?

Have tried googled drive but this also makes my videos not as crisp for user and they have to download rather than play the video

Is Vimeo a good option?

Suggestions and help needed




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