Help on "How-To" Disable Player NEXT button until video is done

Jul 06, 2022

There is an article from 8 years ago about disabling the Next button, but the step-by-step instructions are not clear and I think they might be outdated.  I have a video that is embedded from a website.  The video is 27:46 long.  I don't want the next button enabled until that video finishes.  

I am not understanding the instructions posted from 8 years ago.  

Please help!

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Tom Kuhlmann

Not sure what article you're referring to, but in general if you embed a video from another site, you don't have a way to control interaction of that video inside of Storyline (outside of perhaps some sort of JavaScript).

That means inside of Storyline you can't necessarily control if the user plays/pauses the video itself since it's hosted somewhere else. 

With that said, if the video is 28 seconds long you can do this with triggers

  • Change the state of the next button to disabled when the timeline of the slide starts.
  • Change the state of the next button to normal when the timeline reaches 28 seconds.

That will disable the next button for the duration of the video. But as noted above, since the video is embedded and not in Storyline you have little control over the user's interaction with the video and player coming from a different site.