Help please! Triggers not working in Storyline

Feb 13, 2020

I've just started a new Storyline course and I've added 4 layers (screen-dumps) which each have triggers, however none of them work. I would greatly appreciated some help asap. I've attached a screen-dump.

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MiClub Training

Hi Walt, thanks very much for your prompt reply. I have attached the file. All I want it for the user to click on a button or picture to reveal a layer. Pretty simple.

The program (Articulate) has only just been installed on my computer and its my first project. I'm wondering if there is something wrong with my settings. 

Your help is greatly appreciated as I am so frustrated trying to get the basics to work.

Walt Hamilton

The picture on the layer is set on the timeline to show up at 16 seconds, and if you wait after clicking, it will.

When you select the picture (either on the slide, or by clicking its name on the timeline), it turns blue. Grab the left edge and drag it to the left on the timeline to where you want it appear. Dragging the right edge changes the time it disappears. You can also right click it , and select set timings.


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