HELP: Previous Button returns to layer versus base layer of previous slide


I have an issue with my previous button (on slide 2) going to the layer (on slide 1) right before instead of the base layer (of slide 1).  

I even added buttons to the slides and triggers for it to go to a specific slide. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Attached is my file. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance, it is greatly appreciated.  

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ronnela,

Thanks for sharing your file so that I could take a look at your set-up and understand what you may be seeing.

I did not see any layers for Slide 1 and saw no issue between Slide 1 and 2 as you mentioned above.

I saw a layer on Slide 1.3, so I took a look there.

If you are wanting your user to be presented with the base layer upon returning to the slide, be sure to close the layer before jumping to another slide.

Your trigger to hide the layer is not firing prior to moving off of the slide:

Just swap them on all slides needed:

Hope that helps :)