HELP - project due today and still rendering !!

Aug 20, 2021

Hi there 

did a storyline project - looks great - but each slide has an mp4 in it which i thought was totally doable until it started to render …. 

Im saving as a video and its now thru the third time encoding each slide and says it is up to being a 24 minute video… when the actual video is only about 5 mins long … this is after hours of it rendering.  

I have 4 different scenes but it’s all linear from each slide to the next one so I choose slide numbers and the other format both .. I now have hours of rendering in and not a single product to show for it … 

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Peggy Kunz

Hi Scott,
My issue was user error! 😊 I told the final slide to go to the first slide….so the entire thing was one huge loop encoding over and over again! But to answer your question, it was made up of a bunch of small mp4s that are accompanied by audio…so I was using storyline to make it look nicer – with all the bells and whistles and put it together!

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