Publishing to a Video Format

Jan 31, 2019

Hey there,

I have two lessons, not more than 20 minutes long. One has a 3o.0 second video, the other lesson has a 2.23 minute video.

I published to an mp4 video. I received an error message that stated the rendering was over two hours or 4 GB, and cancelled the rendering of the two lessons.

What gives? Can someone explain this 2-hr, 4 GB limitation?

And now, what do I do?

As always, thank you for your response.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi JC,

Sorry for the trouble you've run into! Can you share a screenshot of the error message you're seeing? I haven't run into that specific one, so I'd want to do a bit more digging! 

In addition to the videos you have, are there are slides in your file with media such as audio and images? Any screen recordings, even those that are not in use? 

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