HELP! Questions work in single and menu preview but not in entire preview and publication

May 10, 2017


After a week of pulling my hair out with this presentation I am calling upon anyone who can figure this out. I have a huge presentation.  A total of 54 slides.  The questions will work when I review them  in single slide preview. They will work when I do entire presentation, then click a few slides before and them.  BUT if you watch the entire presentation, they DO NOT WORK. They show previous/next not submit.

These are the following things I have tried to fix it.

1. It is on my own drive

2. I have redone the presentation by -new project, importing only the presentation, not the questions, then building the questions again.

3. I have checked the slide properties, the submit only is selected.

4. When I first was in the rebuilding the stage,   questions 1 through 3 worked. Once I imported the rest of the project with the branching scenario and the 45 other slides minus the questions, it didn't work.Then question 1 showed previous/next.

ANY THOUGHTS? I didn't want to upload the whole project because it so big. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Tamarah!  I'm sorry for the frustration!!  I can imagine with a project that size how hard it is to find the culprit.

Help me with a couple of questions:

  • What kind of slide is your starting slide for the entire course?
  • Where is your results slide placed?
  • Do you have any triggers to submit the results on a slide that comes before any quiz slides?

If you'd like to upload your project here privately, we're happy to have a look.  

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