Help stopping the timeline before it finishes

I have a course with some background music.  I want to add a trigger to the Next button that will cause the story to stop the timeline immediately and move on to the next slide.  

I want to give the learner the choice to continue to listen to the music or move on...right now, the music continues until it is complete beforfe they can click the Next button.

I can't find anything anywhere to indicate that it is possible to do this.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Many thanks...Dave

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Antony Snow

Hi Dave,

Please have a look at the attached - I think this achieves what you are trying to do.

Basically, I have added a 'continue?' layer to the slide that has the audio on and within the properties of this layer, I have selected to pause the timeline of the base layer.

I have then added a 'yes' and 'no' button to the 'Continue?' layer and added a trigger that hides this layer when the user clicks on 'yes' and another that jumps to the next slide if they click on 'no'.