Help the Newbie with Conditions

Hello everyone!  I am completely new to this program (well, e-learning in general), and I am looking forward to getting really good at this.  I understand triggers, but I don't understand how to use conditions.  Can someone help me understand how/when to use them?

The first project I'm building is a game for my call center.  It's sort of like trivia.  I have a question and four answers on each slide.  The answers are buttons that all have a few triggers on them.  The correct answer have triggers to play a sound as well as add one point to a counter.  The two wrong answers have triggers to play and sound and subtract a point from the counter.  The I don't know button just takes you to the next slide.  I need a fail safe to keep people from retrying their answers and getting inaccurate scores.  Do I need to add another trigger to all the buttons that move them to the next slide, or maybe change the button states to down?  Or, is there something else I can do?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica and welcome to Heroes!

Conditions are used to determine when a trigger will be implemented, as in this example where the trigger for the next button is not active until they've met particular conditions.  The options you've mentioned for your question slide all sound like possibilities depending on how you'd like the course to behave and other navigation settings you'd like to include.

Some additional things to consider - do you want them to be able to revisit the slide? If not, you could remove the "Previous" button and they'll only be able to continue forward and not go back to change their answers.

If you're sharing the "feedback" for the correct/incorrect answer on a layer, you could set the layer trigger upon closing to jump to the next slide. You could also have the button states change to disabled, or if you decide to use the built in multiple choice question (which would still allow you to offer feedback by choice) set the number of attempts to 1.

You'll also want to look at the revisit behavior within the slide properties and I'd suggest setting it to "Resume saved state" so that it keeps the original answer if they revisit the slide.

The possibilities here are somewhat "endless" and it depends on how you want the users to experience and navigate throughout the course. If you haven't already I'd suggest looking at the tutorials here to get a sense for what's possible.