Help understanding how Placeholder Text works on Feedback Masters. Especially when Title is checked.

Feb 08, 2024

I am trying to understand what happens when you are creating a quiz or knowledge check slide and how the Feedback master slides Placeholder text boxes work. Does the Placeholder Title text box pull from the title of the layer or somewhere else? Sorry to be asking a stupid question, but I am trying to figure out what is happening.

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Judy Nollet

On the Feedback layouts for questions, the Feedback Title and Feedback Text placeholders pull their text from the Player's Text Labels

Unfortunately, the Text Labels for question-related Feedback placeholders aren't named logically or even consistently. (Sigh...) For example, here are the Text Labels for the Title and Text placeholders on the Correct, Incorrect, and Try Again layouts: 

Fortunately, you can edit the text in the Text Labels. And, after you insert a question slide with Feedback layers, you can further edit the text on each layer. For example, I typically add question-specific feedback to the text on the Correct and Incorrect layers. 

If you want a fresh start with those layers, you can apply the Blank layout.

Note: When you apply the Blank layout, the existing text boxes remain. You can either reformat those, or delete them and insert/paste new ones.