Help with 360 Degree Photo

Oct 19, 2021

One of my clients is trying to accomplish a vision of the learner walking through a restaurant's different stations using the 360 photo feature. I've got the vision close to completion, and it's looking great, but hoping someone can help get me across the finish line with one small issue: 

On each 360 photo, the learner has to complete a set of markers before they can hit the Next button. The Next button then takes them to the next 360 photo (which is the next station in the restaurant). I disabled the Next button until all the markers have been visited, which is great, but ideally, the client is wanting the learner to not have to click the Next button at all. 

Is there way for the learner to "drag" themselves through the 360 photo to the next 360 photo/station? Maybe another marker that takes them to the next photo? Maybe it goes automatically once all markers are visited? They've mentioned that they'd like it to be like a 360 house walk-through on a real estate site, I'm just not sure the new 360 photo feature allows that. 

Would love your thoughts on this! 

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Lucy Hood

Hi - you can add "jump to slide" triggers to markers in 360 you could click a marker to move to the next photo? I've done this on a building walk through and it works well. 

There are limited triggers available in 360 images at the moment - but I'm pretty sure you can add conditions (e.g. you can only jump to the next 360 photo, when all the other markers are visited).

Hope this helps :)