Help with a Drag and Drop Quiz on a slide with layers

Oct 10, 2012

Hi!  I'm doing a compliance module and wanted to come up with a fun way to get through the list of the 23 red flags we require people to review.  So, I was going to do a drag and drop where an illustrated character says something and then you have to drag and drop him or her to either a red flag or a checkmark. 

I set it up so that when you hover over each of the characters (they're all on the first slide), it references a slide layer with that person's caption so you read the red flag (or "ok") statement that they are saying. 

It works ok - but then if you hover over the person once they are moved, the caption still shows up in the area where he or she began.  Any way to move the caption along with the person or to make it stop that trigger?



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Kevin Thorn

Hi Kristen,

Instead of using layers for the caption, use states. 

Edit the character's states and place the caption on the Hover state. When in this mode you have the entire slide to use so  you can place the caption anywhere you want. For example if you place the caption 20px or so above their head, anytime a user hovers over that character it will appear. Even if you drag the character to a new location, the hover state stays with the character.

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