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Aug 03, 2017


I have a few drag and drop quizzes within my Storyline 360 presentation that when I publish and review I notice that after I test the quiz by correctly inserting all of the right answers it does not jump to the next slide properly. Specifically, I insert all of the right answers, click submit, get the pop-up window that says I've answered correctly and then I click 'continue' and the pop-up box just closes but I stay on the same slide-- it doesn't advance to the next slide. I need for it to advance to the next slide after clicking 'continue.' I have messed around with my scenes and slides a bit in story view so I don't know if I changed the triggers that advance one slide to the next. Could someone please offer suggestions of help here?

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Jennifer Leonard

OH WOW! Sorry about that! I have some large videos embedded in the presentation-- that has got to be it. And actually I think I figured out the issue! Sorry for your trouble. But I went into the 'correct' and 'incorrect' layers and noticed I had added a trigger (when I was playing around with them) that said something about closing the lightbox after clicking continue. I believe this was why it remained on the same slide and didn't advance to the next. I deleted that trigger and seems to be working now. If you're able to open my HUGE file, you may see that same issue. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Brian

I have a pretty fast download speed but this file is taking ages for some reason - and Jenn did say she was having issues uploading. 

Having said that when she said she has stripped out to just a few slides I don't think it was by creating a new project and importing slides in - I think it was strip out/save as which in my experience holds onto to the size unfortunately. 

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