Help with buttons & audio

Help! I have created a slide that guides users through the various parts of a label. There are 6 buttons each with a description and audio that is activated when a user clicks. The issue is that users have the ability to click all at once, and then they just hear a mish-mash of all audio tracks at the same time. How do I restrict users to only be able to listen to one audio/button at a time? Thanks!

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Tamara Muroiwa


It looks like this has already been answered, but just in case still useful, the way I would do this is:

  • create a layer for each audio, inserting each audio file into its respective layer
  • set the button for each audio to show the appropriate layer, which will start that layer's audio playing
  • trigger each layer to be hidden when a user clicks anywhere (i.e. on one of the other buttons)
  • set the layer properties to reset/continue depending whether you want audio to start again or continue where the user left off when re-clicked

That's off the top of my head, so you may need to tinker if I've missed anything!