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Apr 02, 2014


I know I'm missing something basic here, but I can't seem to work out how to make my Drag and Drop interactions work. The positive message is working fine, but the try again or incorrect side of the interaction doesn't work. 

I have attached a link to my published example here:

The first and second slides with the drag and drop are the ones with issues. The 3rd which doesn't have the drag and drop works fine. Hoping someone can help, please.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for sharing the file here - I'm trying to follow your set up, but I found some general things that would prohibit you from receiving anything other than the "correct" layer, first because you've removed the "score" element within the "Edit question" it is only set to have a feedback layer, as if it were a survey slide. If you allow it to score by question you'll have a correct, incorrect and try again layer appear automatically and the question will be able to direct to the appropriate layer based on how the user answers.

Without a score, it's not considering the question to have a correct or incorrect option. If you d on't want there to be an actual score, you could set it to 0 within the score value section but that would still show the incorrect/correct layers or the try again layer. 

Your current set up, although it looks like you're using the dropped correct state, has nothing to tell the question to open the appropriate layer if the user gets it right or wrong. You'd need to enable triggers to show the layer based on the condition that the states were all dropped correct or not dropped correct. 

Lastly, you'll never see an incorrect layer as there isn't one set up - but also, the "try again" layer is jumping the user back to the slide as if they're revisiting it for the first time. I assume you have it set up this way to allow the drag/drop items to be reset to their normal location, but that will also reset the attempts, so you'll need to track a variable as well to limit the number of times the user could answer (if you want to limit them). 

Wendy Down

Thank you so much Ashley and Rehan.

It works fine now, and I'm starting to understand how the interactive slides fit together. The lengthy explanation is great, and the example you sent back shows exactly how to do it. I originally had these layers in, but then somehow got all tangled up trying to fine tune a couple of things.

Now it all makes much more sense.

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