Help with Drag/Drop Activity

I created a free form drag drop activity but I am stuck! I have several choices for the leaner to choose from, 4 are correct. They have to drag the choices to a form but it doesn't matter which line of the form they drop the choice on. I don't know how to make this happen, if it is even possible.


I'd appreciate any help!

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Anthony Goss

This is quite helpful, Tom.  For the incorrect choices, if you create a fake drop target for the incorrect items so that "drop incorrect" fires, wouldn't this mess with scoring?  I am just wondering if it might be better to create a custom drop incorrect state and set up custom triggers to avoid this issue.  Or, does it matter?

Jennifer Braun

Tom - I think I have everything working correctly except the incorrect feedback always shows. If I drag the 4 correct choices to the target, I get an incorrect because I didn't drag the 3 incorrect choices to their target.  How can I change that?   

Appreciate your help