Help with Hotspot Activity

I created a Hotspot activity on a slide.  The leaners need to click on things in an image that looks wrong in a lab situation.  I have created multiple freeform shapes that change state to correct when the learners click on them.  It adds up to eight then the learners can progress to the next slide.  I am using variables that add 1 for each correct click.  When the number eight is reached the Next button is enabled.  Things seem to work when the learner behaves in an expected manner and clicks things correctly.  

However, a learner can click on one of the freeform shapes multiple times, increasing the variable and reach the number 8. Even if they have not selected each of the items i expect them to. 

Can someone review the attached storyline with the slide and provide a better way of doing things so that learners can't cheat?

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