Help with how to set up 1 module reporting multiple completion statuses

Jan 29, 2021


Due to a clients concerns with the learners technical abilities, I have been asked whether it is possible to create a 5 module course as one long storyline course thus avoiding the learner having to keep going back to the LMS to select the next module to move on.  However, I'd like to know if it is possible to "tell " the LMS as each sub module is passed/completed as the learner progresses through the sub modules in the course? 

The SCORM would be published as SCORM 1.2 HTML5 on our LMS.

All help would be greatly appreciated! :0)

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Victoria,

Storyline tells the LMS the completion status of the entire course.

It also uses the LMS to store suspend data (also known as resume data), which contains the info needed to resume where the user left off if they exit the course before finishing. As I understand it, the LMS can't use that data to the indicate progress of an uncompleted course.

In other words, to the LMS, a course is either in progress or done.