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Apr 20, 2016

Hi Heroes,

I have a slide with with fiver layers that need to be clicked on to advance to the next slide. 

I have disabled the next button as users were clicking it without reading the content. 

I also tried to add a custom button on the last of the five layers so that users could progress at completion of all layers, but I found that users who went straight to the fifth layer were pressing next without the other layers. 

Is there a way to set it up to only show a next button at the completion of all layers? 

I tried to add state changes to the five layers (new and visited when clicked), then add a trigger to only show the next button when layers 1 to 5 all had state change to visited. 

But when previewing it does nothing :((

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Heather Dickinson


I've had the same problem.

What I did to get around this was 2 things:

1)  Create a new state "selected" on the last tab you want them to view before the Next button works e.g. NCCP Overview tab

2)  Add a condition to the next button to say "Jump to slide, Next Slide, When User clicks, Next button - add the condition:   when the use click on next only when the shape "NCCP Overview" is equal to - state "selected".

Works a treat.







Wendy Farmer

Yes it would Emrah...and it would also mean if they selected the last tab and then decided to select another tab is would probably break the trigger condition and the last tab is no longer in 'selected' state.

When they click the first tab and the layer displays, can they still access those base layer tabs from that layer or do they close the layer to return to the base layer?

Emrah Mete

Thanks Wendy, the base layer is blank, I have a trigger to start layer 1 when the timeline starts. 

I have attached it here for to see. 

So far I have: 

1. Created "visited" states for each of the tabs.

2. Added variable on the the trigger to only go to next scene if all of the 5 tabs are "visited

On paper it should work, but I don't see why it isn't :(

Wendy Farmer

Hi Emrah

see if the attached works for you or gives you an idea.

I moved the black banner at the top with all the tabs to the base layer so that it was accessible for all layers and you didn't need to have all those triggers on every layer.

I then created a 'Completed' state for each of the tabs.  I also changed colours just for testing so I could see they were changing to that state and I based it on the timeline of the layer ending (3 secs) as I wasn't sure if you had narration or other media to go onto the slides. 

I also put the variable reference on the base layer so you can see when SlideVisited changes to true which then releases the next button to move to the next slide. So in this case the variable is turned to true when the state of all buttons are 'completed'...this trigger is on ALL layers just in case the user does them out of order...the alternative would be to lock each tab until the previous one is done if you want it ordered.

I also set the Introduction tab button to initial state selected as the intro layer loads as soon as the base timeline starts.

Hope that helps.


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