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Hi everyone,

I am trying to host storyline2 content on the Relias LMS.  But the LMS does NOT seem to be tracking the learner's progress and letting them start where they left off.  Relias is telling me there is something wrong with my StoryLine content...

Here is the case I previously opened with them:  

My course content is StoryLine2. I have published it targeting SCORM 1.2. I have configured the LMS portion of the StoryLine Publication to (a) report complete/incomplete status to the lms, and to (b) Track using number of slides view (93 of 96 slides must be viewed to mark it complete). But the LMS does NOT seem to be tracking progress. If I proceed to slide #15 and close only the content window and then go back to Relias and relaunch the content it asks me if I want to continue where I left off. But if I log out and back into Relias, or close the Relias window entirely, relaunching the content restarts at the first slide. It is not storing my progress through the content as a variable in a database associated with my user. It seems like my ability to pick up where I left off is relying on FLASH Cookie setting, and even that is not performing as well as it would if viewed outside of an LMS. Shouldn’t Relias be tracking a learner’s progress? If anyone can lend I would VERY much appreciate it!

And their reply:  

We wanted to be certain we knew which course we were looking at. We tested it a couple of different ways to make sure there were no issues on our end; and we didn't find anything wrong on your organization's Relias site.  Looking at the module itself we're thinking that there is a setting, or coding issue, within the Story Line program that you used that is not allowing the module to stop and save it's spot whenever anyone needs log out part way. We don't use Story Line here in Relias Support so we couldn't tell you what that setting may be.  We'd suggest speaking your organizations IT Department, or seeing if Story Line has their own Customer Service. Once you get the issue resolved you may have to remove the current video and load the fixed one.

So this morning I created a new Storyline file with 5 slides and tested that. I navigated to slide 3, and then I closed my content window and logged out of Relias.  I went back into Relias and restarted the training.  It did NOT prompt me to start where I left off.   

I am uploading my storyline file and a few screen shots.  Does anyone see anything that would prevent an LMS from tracking progress?  This is really frustrating.  



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Alyssa Gomez

Hello there!

Really sorry you're running into these issues, and thanks for letting us know you already reached out to Relias support. 

I published your sample Storyline 2 file for LMS and hosted it on SCORM Cloud. We generally use SCORM Cloud as a LMS testing tool since it's the industry standard. If the problem doesn't happen when the course is hosted on SCORM Cloud, then we can conclude that the issue is related to your LMS. 

Could you test this link and let me know if you're seeing the same problems with the resume behavior?

Keep me posted!

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Thank you Alyssa!
~ Michael

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