Help with Retry Button/Resetting Results

Hi Articulate Friends!

I'm struggling to see what I've missed on my results slide allowing learners to 'Retry' the quiz again.  What is happening is learners score is resetting when they select the 'Retry' button, but they are not able to retake the entire quiz - it takes them to the first question and then won't advance.  I've attached the quiz scene that I'm struggling to find the solution for.  Thank you for your help in advance. 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Michelle

looks like your result slide is corrupt.  When you add in a result slide SL automatically creates 4 variables.  These are the variables that sit on the results slide and show either the success or fail layers.  You don't have these variables in your list and subsequently the triggers on the results slide are unassigned.

These two plus Results.ScorePoints and Results.PassPoints are missing from your variables list.

Recommend you move your existing result slide to a new scene, insert a new result slide after Q10,, check the variables are created then copy the formatting from your old result slide or /apply the layout  to the new one.