Help with Text Entry and Scrolling Window

Hi everyone! I need a few ideas!

I am creating a slide where student's would write a 2-3 paragraph response within the slide. I think I would incorporate a data entry and choose text entry. If the paragraph response is longer than the text entry field, do I add a scrolling window and input the text entry into the scrolling window. 

Then, I would like the student's response to show up on another slide (Insert Reference) and be able to email their paragraph response to the teacher from that slide. 

Best ideas on how to incorporate this idea or a better way on how to do this?


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Matthew Bibby

Hey Margie, there is no need to add a scrolling window as Storyline takes care of this automatically with text entry fields. Once you type more than the field contains a scroll bar will appear automatically.

You are correct in saying that you'd use a reference to show the students response on another slide. As for emailing the response to a teacher, this thread should give you some ideas.

Hope that helps!

ASVZ Talentontwikkeling

I hope i can still respond to this post.

Matthew, you clame Storyline automatically adds the scrolling window. In my current project, i use multiple text entry fields in one slide. Some are a bit small. The smalles 48 pixels high. Others are bigger, 64 pixels. with the bigger ones, the scrolling window appears. With the smaller one's, it does not. You just get one line with no end. You cant use enter to create an new line and scrolling window. 

Do you have a answer to that? I cant create bigger text entry's