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Sep 03, 2014

I am creating a demo and in scene 2 I have set up some variables. I would like "rectangle 2" on slide 2.4 to change states to "passed" (green) or "failed" (red) when slide 2.5 is passed or failed. I cannot figure out why my variables are not working.

Additionally, the drag objects on slide 2.5 have disappeared when previewing the slide.

Any help?

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Gena Hocson

Hi Stacey,

Great looking project! I love the different type of interactions you have, very engaging.

I've taken a look at your Storyline project and it seems that the issue is WHEN slide triggers occur on Slide 2.4.

You have to set the state change "When timeline starts". See image attached. It might also be good to force the slide to reset to initial state for revisiting.

I've also attached a sample Storyline project to test this.

Hope this helps,


Michael Hinze

To change the color of the rectangle, adjust the triggers on 2.4 as shown here. Your triggers don't work because the variable is actually changed on another slide.

I only had a quick look at 2.5 but I think the issue is that CallOut1 has an initial state of hidden and in the Question properties, you had selected 'Reveal drag items one at a time'.

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