LMS Reporting Options - What Do They Mean

Jan 25, 2018

In Storyline 2 there are 4 options to report to the LMS: Passed/Incomplete, Passed/Failed, Completed/Incomplete and Completed Failed. 

Does the 1st word (Passed) report on the quiz and the 2nd word (Incomplete) after the / report the slide completion?  or something else?

I have a quiz right now that is showing failed quiz however complete course and I want it if you fail quiz, you are incomplete.

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Phil Mayor

Failed in mosts LMSs is final so you would be marked as complete, try using Passed/Incomplete instead.

LMSs should support all of these but you may find that your specific LMS needs a specific one.

Try googling your LMS and storyline and see if you can find which your LMS will prefer, if not it is a bit trial and error.

Sonal Kapoor

Am facing a similar issue with one of my courses.

The course is set for the learner to get 80% on the quiz to advance to the next slide, however if they fail the quiz and exit the course the Confirm participation button shows up and allows them to confirm participation.

The Reporting is set to Passed/failed and the Tracking is set to Track using quiz result.

Any idea why this might be happening?